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The word unlock is the 19.218th most common word in English and appears 3.041 times within reference text. The part of speech is verb, base form. The hyphenation is un┬Ělock. These are reference sentences of the word in text: "... there are workarounds to unlock a drive."¹ "... he can unlock more and more power ..."² "... different forces together to unlock powerful forces."³ Backwards its written kcolnu. It rhymes on hoolock, forelock und sidelock. The MD5 sum is 474f3c5e4e32cc95d291d859ae64ef7b and the SHA1 checksum is 8ec4981102569463be3512984154c66c098b92c5. The vanity number 865625 corresponds this word.

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word name: unlock

part of speech: verb, base form

typical left word neighbours: youll Banjo-Kazooie remotely manually keys you automatically

typical right word neighbours: handsets cheats Doduo secrets Achievements codes mini-games

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Source Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ Parallel ATA ² Earthdawn ³ Dahomey. All registered trademarks are the property of their respective posessors.