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The notion occupies is the 7.721th most common word in English and appears 11.303 times in reference text. The part of speech is verb, 3rd person sing. present. Here are instances of the word in text: "The Congress also occupies various other surrounding buildings ..."¹ "... livestock production occupies 70% of all land ..."² "... only by Turkey, occupies the northern one-third of the island."³ Reversely its written seipucco. The MD5 hash is 37b78624b21b63b766fbddaa12d1ad69 and the SHA1 checksum is 043f8fc901b5de067ed944f0a42e1cb52b7a70ac. The dialable telephone number 62287437 corresponds this word.

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word name: occupies

part of speech: verb, 3rd person sing. present

lemma: occupy

typical left word neighbours: campus now Campus district LGA park presently

typical right word neighbours: portions floors roughly approximately one-third Fongafale one-sixth

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License Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ Brasília ² Attribution of recent climate change ³ Geography of Cyprus. The named registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.