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The word elven is the 57.896th most common word in the English language and appears 549 times within lexicon. The part of speech is adjective. These are quotations of the term in full text: "... treat placed into an elven mill."¹ "... these elven creatures believe that they ..."² "... an offshoot of the elven race like in many ..."³ Backwards its written nevle. Rhyme words are coven, unshaven und uneven. The MD5 sum is 1c2fa708e741cbe6d9ccbc212b8b7041 and the SHA1 sum is 5937e429d134092359ce404f9b78d3d87031d749. The vanity number 35836 corresponds this term.

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word name: elven

part of speech: adjective

typical left word neighbours: Juraviel Typically kidnapped resemble noble beautiful tall

typical right word neighbours: steeds subrace pantheon bowman mage druid homelands

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Source Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ Elf ² Universe of The Legend of Zelda ³ Drow (Dungeons & Dragons). All registered trademarks are the property of their respective posessors.