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„eights“ - noun plural

The term eights is the 42.373th most frequent word of the English lanuguage and appears 903 times within English Wikipedia. The part of speech is noun plural. There follow typical usages of the term in full text: "... the "nines" ..."¹ "... the red eights."² "... the mismatched nines, eights, sevens ..."³ Rotated its written sthgie. Weights, freights und heights rhymes on it. The according MD5 checksum is 99d7d94c03bbb1d7b63935911e732e4c and the SHA1 sum is 9163a06cc77c97024ce05bfc248ab3000a7b8d2c. The T9 representation 344487 accords this word.

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word name: eights

part of speech: noun plural

other word forms: eight

typical left word neighbours: coxed maneuverability varsity rowing super Figure lightweight

typical right word neighbours: nines fours rowing competition category tournament event

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License Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ Chinese dominoes ² ³ Pai gow. Named registered trademarks are the property of their respective originators.