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„Town“ - proper noun, singular

The term Town is the 1.039th most common word of the English lanuguage and appears 102.368 times in the reference corpus. A town is a human settlement larger than a village but smaller than a city.º The part of speech is proper noun, singular. There follow quotations of the term in full text: "... taxi companies in Cape Town are Excite Taxis ..."¹ "Town Meeting sets its own ..."² "... Cape Town was the largest city ..."³ Rotated its written nwoT. The term rhymes on Motown. The according MD5 checksum is c16dac173aa8377a1c07aed8e0472f7c and the SHA1 checksum is 5d9c113b57b1346f7ac26d1cf3649a7a9e6d3ec3. The T9 representation 8696 corresponds this term.

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word name: Town

part of speech: proper noun, singular

other word forms: town

typical left word neighbours: Cape Ipswich Old Luton Swindon Huddersfield Grimsby

typical right word neighbours: Hall Council Centre Car Center Meeting Square

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License Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ ³ Cape Town ² Dedham, Massachusetts º Town. Named registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.