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„Snowboard“ - noun, singular or mass

The term Snowboard is the 66.614th most frequent word in the English vocabulary and appears 441 times within reference text. Snowboards are boards that are usually the width of ones foot longways, with the ability to glide on snow.º The part of speech is noun, singular or mass. There follow typical usages of the word in text: "Ski and Snowboard Association and Cross Country ..."¹ "Snowboard bindings, unlike ski bindings, ..."² "Snowboard manufacturers are adapting to ..."³ Rotated its written draobwonS. The term is rhyming on Shuffleboard, Paddleboard und Skiboard. The according MD5 checksum is 0761cbe41eb18d4ded2e24a1104f517f and the SHA1 hash is e981f6ec167ad94980a5dc2a8df77a94a1b1daba. The T9 representation 766926273 accords this word.

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word name: Snowboard

part of speech: noun, singular or mass

other word forms: snowboard

typical left word neighbours: Whitelines Goliaths FIS Womens World US International

typical right word neighbours: Superpipe Instructors Kids FIS boots Resort tricks

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License Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ Cross-country skiing º ² ³ Snowboard. Named registered trademarks are the property of their respective posessors.