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„SAMCRO“ - proper noun, singular

The word SAMCRO is the 57.888th most frequent word in the English language and appears 549 times within word book. The part of speech is proper noun, singular. These are sample sentences of the term in full sentences: "... was an antagonist to SAMCRO vice president Jax Teller ..."¹ "San Joaquin County ..."² "... Jax struggles to hold SAMCRO together while Tara is imprisoned."³ Backwards its written ORCMAS. The MD5 sum is 3612a976225995c8763f53de8959fa71 and the SHA1 sum is 5e9fcdd0d9d084015345b506ac43304369d83666. The vanity number 726276 accords this term.

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word name: SAMCRO

part of speech: proper noun, singular

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Source Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ Jay Karnes ² ³ Sons of Anarchy. All registered trademarks are the property of their respective posessors.