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„Pathan“ - proper noun, singular

The word Pathan is the 45.660th most frequent word in English and appears 800 times in English Wikipedia. Pathan is a Hindi-Urdu term commonly used to refer to the Pashtun people, the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan and the second largest in Pakistan.º The part of speech is proper noun, singular. The hyphenation is Pa·than. These are typical usages of the word in full text: "... by dismissing Indias Irfan Pathan."¹ "... two Indian brothers Yusuf Pathan and Irfan Pathan have ..."² "... two Indian brothers Yusuf Pathan and Irfan Pathan have ..."³ Backwards its written nahtaP. Isfahan, Monahan und Sohan is rhyming on it. The MD5 sum is de4f19c90e7fb62c2f610e860f18ed81 and the SHA1 checksum is e261ebad791a2c7e64691da9d5915002c14d79fa. The vanity number 728426 accords this term.

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word name: Pathan

part of speech: proper noun, singular

typical left word neighbours: Irfan Shirani Yusuf Aslam Pashtun Perth Khan

typical right word neighbours: Himmat tribesmen tribals sepoys Chand smashed Yusuf

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Source Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ Muttiah Muralitharan ² ³ Pashtun people º Pathan (disambiguation). All registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.