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The notion Micronized is the 1.403.458th most common word of the English lanuguage and appears 4 times within reference text. The part of speech is adjective. Here are instances of the term in full sentences: "Micronized progesterone is manufactured in a laboratory from plants."¹ "Micronized progesterone, which behaves reliably as a prodrug to allopregnanolone, has been suggested as a treatment for catamenial epilepsy in the same manner."² Reversely its written dezinorciM. The word rhymes on Christianized, Demilitarized und Harmonized. The MD5 hash is 79e7a70e53bdb9c3f3759a362201f132 and the SHA1 checksum is 58e998bbd4b157b7fb63a69484e9633e71d08969. The dialable telephone number 6427664933 corresponds this term.

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word name: Micronized

part of speech: adjective

typical right word neighbours: progesterone

License Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ Micronization ² Neuroactive steroid. The named registered trademarks are the property of their respective originators.