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„Dreamcast“ - proper noun, singular

The notion Dreamcast is the 34.108th most common word in the English vocabulary and appears 1.270 times within the reference corpus. The is a home video game console that was released by Sega on November 27, 1998 in Japan, September 9, 1999 in North America, and October 14, 1999 in Europe.º The part of speech is proper noun, singular. Here are instances of the word in full sentences: "... the PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast."¹ "... Saturn and Dreamcast consoles."² "... console port for the Dreamcast was also released."³ Reversely its written tsacmaerD. The word rhymes on Unicast, Globecast und Telecast. The MD5 hash is d686b7c3113369f54cdddb8bdea95502 and the SHA1 hash is bbf1e59d33c254e9c183410047990baa198de917. The dialable telephone number 373262278 corresponds this term.

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word name: Dreamcast

part of speech: proper noun, singular

typical left word neighbours: Sega Segas SEGAs SEGA best-selling Color Wii

typical right word neighbours: VGA console GD-ROMs VMU GP2X WonderSwan controller

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Source Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ GNU Compiler Collection ² Mouse (computing) ³ Heretic (video game) º Dreamcast. The named registered trademarks are the property of their respective posessors.