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„Courant“ - proper noun, singular

The word Courant is the 43.918th most common word in the English language and appears 852 times within word book. Courant is a surname.º The part of speech is proper noun, singular. These are instances of the term in full text: "The New-England Courant published writers who opposed ..."¹ "... also Courant algebroids start playing a ..."² "Friesch Dagblad and Leeuwarder Courant are daily newspapers mainly ..."³ Backwards its written tnaruoC. Rhyme words are Mourant. The MD5 sum is 13c457054987cc6f46e9cba46b39a6b8 and the SHA1 sum is 8637c81b42198a88fc2f103350158d94a8e0429c. The vanity number 2687268 corresponds this term.

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word name: Courant

part of speech: proper noun, singular

typical left word neighbours: Leeuwarder Hartford New-England Rotterdamsche Nederlandse Hexham Schilling

typical right word neighbours: algebroid bracket minimax brackets Institute endorsed columnist

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Source Wikipedia CC-BY-SA 3.0: ¹ Cotton Mather ² Differential geometry ³ Friesland º Courant (surname). All registered trademarks are the property of their respective posessors.